Friday, December 25, 2015

A Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Hollywood Boulevard
I'm away from my beloved Hollywood celebrating Christmas with my family in Cincinnati, Ohio. The weather is  unusually warm, and last night I witnessed an intense thunderstorm (this is usually a summer occurrence) instead of the snowstorm I was hoping to see.

I've been enjoying spending time with family and friends-many who just can't understand why I live in California. 

Just Last night an old friend brought up something that I seem to hear on ever trip to the Midwest. "Why do you people in Hollywood constantly make fun of the rest of the country? In movies and on TV you make us out to be unsophisticated hicks! Except for the New Yorkers who you make loud and obnoxious."  (I was surprised he had any sympathy for the good people of New York since this is another city he detests.) 

Instead of going into into a long drawn out explanation involving comedy, writing for theatrical productions and stereotypes, I simply agreed. "You're absolutely right, Sometimes we do have fun with common perceptions of people in other parts of the country. And yes, many times these perceptions are inaccurate but the end result is meant to be enjoyable. And remember, no one makes fun of Hollywood and California better than those of us living in Hollywood and California."

I then wished him a Merry Christmas and excused myself to the bar for another glass of (California) wine.

I truly meant what I said last night. As evidence, here's a holiday video from  the CW's Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It's surprising how many truths can be found in this lighthearted video. 

Have a Happy Holiday!


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