Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Husband is Seeing Another Woman: A Matter of Style

Claudia Wells with Tony Figueroa
I'm enjoying a rare morning home alone. There's a cup of tea at my side, a cat at my feet as a Chopin piano concerto plays in the background. I'm catching up on my recreational reading (Maria McKenzie's new mystery, From Cad to Cadaver). All is right in my world-that is until I receive a text from my husband, Tony. I open the message to find a photo-and I know immediately. He's with her!

I study the photograph and can't help smiling. There's no denying that Tony looks great in the well worn leather jacket, something that he probably wouldn't have gravitated to until fairly recently, when she came into his life. From his expression, I can see that he's also loving the jacket. It seems to be bringing out different part of his personality-that I'm liking a lot!

 She's good. Really good!

I set my mystery aside and respond to the text.
Love the jacket! Tell Claudia hi.

Sure, I'm perfectly fine with this. You see Claudia, is Claudia Wells: a woman with an incredible sense of style, and the owner of Armani Wells; a high end men's resale shop located in Studio City, CA. Here customers can find high fashion men's apparel at below retail value. Her prices are fantastic! But for many men, like my husband, Claudia will forever be known as Jennifer Parker, Marty McFly's present day girlfriend in the film, Back to the Future.

Tony has been visiting Jennifer- or Claudia, at Armani Wells on a semi-regular basis for about a year now. The first time he visited her store, he came in only to purchase a "Save the Clock Tower" Tee shirt that he hoped she would autograph. But once in her store, she began to select items from her inventory for him to try. A few hours later he returned home with a newfound sense of style and some very nice clothes.

When I first met Tony, most of his wardrobe consisted mostly of tee shirts-most obtained for free during assorted promotional giveaways. There were a many, many logos. I often told Tony he looked like a walking billboard. I'd like to take at least partial credit for improving his wardrobe when we were dating. I considered it a small victory when he started to purchase and wear plain tee shirts. I was flattered when he asked me to go shopping with him he first time to purchase some new basics. He wanted to update and elevate his wardrobe. I'd bragged about my shopping expertise, so he was going to put me to the test. I guess I did okay, because a year later he married me.

I consider myself an athletic class shopper, always in search of the ultimate bargain. (I recently purchased a brand new unworn pair of Brazilian boots-leather upper/leather sole for $4 at a church thrift store.) I rarely pay full price for anything. My shopping has taken me beyond the mall to small boutiques, estate sales, thrift stores, and vintage and resale shops. I love searching for unique pieces wherever I can find them.

For me shopping is a recreational activity-something that my husband, and many other men, just can't understand. Maybe Tony didn't hate shopping, but I'm pretty sure he considered it a necessary evil and shopped for clothes as little as possible. Over the years I've assisted him in building a current versatile wardrobe. But since his first visit to Armani Wells, Tony has developed an excellent sense of personal style. And I can understand why. Claudia's store is well-organized, easy to browse and the selection  high end of items is excellent.

But the best part of Armani Wells is Claudia and her equally stylish and knowledgeable associate, Sissi. These ladies know their customers and inventory. I've seen them in action as they pull specific items for their customers which most of the time (at least in Tony's case) have been perfect for their physiques and lifestyles. This makes for a pleasant and stress free shopping experience. Claudia and Sissi are no less than amazing, not to mention friendly and personable.

But I'm sure that many guys make their way to Armani Wells to meet Marty McFly's
girlfriend, Jennifer Parker.

Tony and I recently had lunch with Caseen Gaines, author of We Don't Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy. I asked him why he thought there was an allure surrounding Jennifer Parker. He told me that Jennifer was smart, pretty, personable and supported her man. In other words, Jennifer Parker is the ideal girlfriend.

I'm sure many of Claudia's customers come in to hopefully meet Jennifer, but I'm also sure that once they enter the store and meet Claudia, they're won over by the fashion. And guys, this is a very good thing-when you look good, we look good!

Tony visits Armani Wells whenever he's in the neighborhood. He was there last week to pick up the current Jennifer Parker tee shirt.  He took a look at Claudia's new offerings and sent me photos via texts. Yes, he still wants my opinion, but I know he's in good hands. Claudia (and I) assisted him in his choices. A short time later he left the store with some beautiful shirts and a great leather jacket.

So Claudia, Sissi-many thanks! Thank for helping Tony improve and find his personal style. He looks amazing!

Yesterday, after seeing a few photos of Tony on social media, a friend commented that Tony is always dressed so well, and asked if I picked out his clothes. I responded:
     Lately, I've been letting two other women dress him-Claudia Wells and her associate Sissi @ Armani Wells. Now if I could only find a way to get George Clooney to dress me.

You see guys, we have our own ideas about an ideal boyfriend. But then, that's a topic for another post.

Thanks for dropping by!

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